Young women studying science, technology, engineering and math should know about some pretty special women who went before them.
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A Passion For Discovery: Women in STEM

This feature-length documentary film presents a history of women in Science ~ from its hidden geniuses and pioneering foremothers to its modern explorers. It exposes the barriers women overcame in order to follow their aptitude and interests; it asks what women bring to STEM fields, and why there are few women scientists. By using archival material, reenactments, and on-camera interviews with scholars and working scientists, A Passion for Discovery offers historical and cultural perspectives and inspires young women to honor their abilities, to pursue their curiosity, and to help us meet the future and diverse demands of the STEM fields. Filming has begun with Dr. Meg Urry, Astro- physicist, and at Tech Trek, a Science and Math Camp for Girls.

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    Remembering Inez: The Last Campaign of Inez Milholland, Suffrage Martyr

  • Crystal Eastman, eminent lawyer, activist and writer, has virtually disappeared from history after her untimely death in 1928. Yet she was a pivotal player in the social movements that shaped her world - and ours. She left an institutional legacy in the defining issues of the modern era: labor, feminism, civil rights, freedom of speech and press, peace, international relations.

    Crystal Eastman: A Forgotten Revolutionary for the 21th Century

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    Centennial of Women Winning the Vote: Commission for the 2020 celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment