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New Release for the 100th anniversary California Suffrage Victory: "California Women Win the Vote"

Using both historical materials and live reenactments, this film presents the dramatic Suffrage campaign that won the women of California the right to vote nine (9) years before the Federal Amendment. The campaign becomes a role model and motivation for the rest of the country; today, the tactics and spirit of these women are a guide and an inspiration for citizen activism in a democratic society. Narrated by Bonnie Franklin. Available with Closed Captioning.

[Wild West Women's] California Women Win the Vote is a terrific film, depicting not only the exciting 1911 campaign for full suffrage rights for California women but the larger, longer struggle in which it was a turning point. This is a gripping tale of audacity, courage and triumph. I loved it.
Dr. Ellen DuBois, University of California, Los Angeles, Professor of History
Author, partial list: Harriet Stanton Blatch and The Winning of Woman Suffrage

California Women Win the Vote vividly recreates of one of the major battle points in American history. Using both historical materials and live re-enactments, this film presents the dramatic suffrage campaign that won the Women of California the Right to Vote nine years before the Federal amendment. The Campaign becomes a role model and motivation for the rest of the country.

Now, for the first time, we can experience the grand spirit of the woman suffrage movement and feel what it was like for its leaders, participants, and even opponents. Not only do the scenes in this wonderful film bring the bold state-wide campaign to life, but the film is also jam-packed with rare and telling imagery. The combination splendidly conveys the daunting challenges suffragists faced and the creative strategies they adopted to clinch their remarkable, come-from-behind victory.

Above all, Wild West Women's celebration of what California suffragists achieved -- against all odds -- reminds us of the central role women have long played in U.S. history and in the expansion of American democracy.
Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr.
Author, Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement

More Completed Films

Votes for Women
This film was produced for the 75th anniversary of Women's Right to Vote and used in connection with the Huntington's Exhibit of Women's Suffrage Materials, which subsequently traveled around the State of California as an exhibit.

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Judith Meuli, Veteran Feminist
This 12 minute excerpt from a longer interview tells of what forces and experiences influenced Judith Meuli to become an ardent feminist artist and chronicler. Judith was a founding member of Los Angeles, N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority. She was the creator of "The Brassy", the first women's equality jewelry, and co-author of the Feminist Chronicles. This portrait gives insight into any person who was affected by forces to consider the philosophy and politics of feminism as a life style. Judith shares honestly about her journey from a girl in Minnesota to a leader in the "movement" in Los Angeles.

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Rima Goodman: A Life in Art
"A marvelously compelling and riveting documentary: honest, totally telling the truth! In twenty minutes I learned so much of this most remarkable woman and in the most direct fashion. Her art, her life both so very beautiful." - Albert Maysles, Documentary Filmmaker, Grey Garde

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We are available to produce videos for you too. In the process we train women and minority potential filmmakers, and can produce a film for less than most groups.

If you have a film/video project or idea which fits within our guidelines, and want to produce it, please connect us. We can help you find funding, and actually train and help you film and edit it; then we also have a distribution outlet.

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