At Wild West Women we make films. Films about women. Historical and current. We are pleased to share our films with you. And are excited to share information about our new projects.

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California Women Win the Vote

Using both historical materials and live re-enactments, this film presents the dramatic suffrage campaign that won the women of California the right to vote nine years before the Federal amendment. The campaign becomes a role model and motivation for the rest of the country. More…

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Votes for Women: Produced for 75th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

This film was produced in conjunction with the Huntington Museum’s Exhibit of Women’s Suffrage materials, which subsequently traveled around the State of California as an exhibit. More…

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Judith Meuli: Veteran Feminist

This 12-minute excerpt from a longer interview tells of what forces and experiences influenced Judith Meuli to become an ardent feminist artist and chronicler. Judith was a founding member of Los Angeles N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority. More…

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Rima Goodman: A Life In Art

This is a first person journey into the art and life of this 85-year-old candid, iconoclastic,spirited painter. Rima shares what meaning art gives to her life, how she works and is sustained by art, and how life translates into her art. More…

Our new Film, INEZ MILHOLLAND ~ Forward Into Light, is now available for schools, libraries, groups and individuals to honor the Suffrage Martyr and to promote Voting.
Please go to for info and to order a free copy.